Thursday, September 9, 2010 - przegraj kasety na DVD

Jak wiadomo kasety VHS niszczeją coraz bardziej pod wpływem czasu i warunków w jakich są przechowywane. Dlatego warto zadbać o nagrania póki to jeszcze możliwe i zgrać je do postaci cyfrowej na płytę DVD.

Atrakcyjne ceny tylko u nas!

3 kasety lub więcej odbierzemy i dostarczymy wraz z nagranymi płytami GRATIS z miast aglomeracji śląskiej - Katowice, Sosnowiec, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Częstochowa + inne sąsiednie miasta po uzgodnieniu!

Szczegóły oferty oraz dane kontaktowe znajdują się na stronie - przegrywanie kaset na dvd, zgrywanie kaset. Sprawdź teraz!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All The Best Loans For You

Life is like one big roller coaster ride, with its highs and lows, leaving the human kind exhausted and definitely not looking for bumpy ups and downs. The main force driving the workforce and the economy is money, and there are no two minds about it. At any given point of time, every person, no matter where he is, is thinking about how to earn or make that extra, to meet his demand, and that of his families. Demand is equal to supply only in theoretical terms. The demand and supply of funds is never equal in anybody's life. To fulfill this deficiency, loans are used or taken. A loan can be defined as the transfer of funds or monetary assets from the borrower to the lender. The opportunity cost of the lender for parting with the resource is termed as the interest. A loan can also be defined as a contract between two people, in which the borrower promises to repay the money taken form the lender along with the interest. Best loan has no fixed and regular definition. It can be explained in layman's terms, as a loan in which both the parties to the loan contract are happy with the terms of the deal and have a feeling of security. Therefore, what may seem to be a best loan for a borrower "x" may not be a best loan for borrower "y". Thus best loan varies form person to person and their needs.

Best loan can however be distinguished based of the following factors:

Rate of interest: the arte of interest should not be very high. There is a particular cut off rate of interest given by the apex governing body of the country and no lender is supposed to charge rates higher or lower then it. Hence rates are between the two boundary lines. A best loan will have a rate of interest which is closer to the lower boundary line. A borrower should shop for rate of interest thoroughly and get the best marginal rate that is easy on his pocket.

Processing time:

A best loan should take less time to get processed. Loans which have tons of formalities and consume a month's time just to get processed are tiring. Once the documents are furnished by the borrower, the lending authorities should investigate, verify and process the loan fast, so that the borrower gets the money in time.

Terms of repayment:

A best loan should have terms of repayment which is easy on the borrower. If the amount to be repaid in every installment is hefty, the borrower will be stressed, and at some point of time or the other he will have to borrow more to settle of the repayment. Thus, when a borrower is judging a loan he should keep in mind the repayment amount, and compare it with his incoming money sources.

These are the basic points which the borrower should keep in mind, so that the loan he chooses gets him the best. Best loan can be shopped for easily, only that it requires a little bit of homework. It is best to compare the deals of many lenders and also read various schemes and programs offered by them. A lot of information can be got form the internet and it is extremely helpful. One can also find lenders on the net who give attractive loan offers. The borrower must know what he wants and place his priorities right. Lenders too offer a lot so that the borrower is satisfied with the loan.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mortgage Advice For Modern Man

Mortgage advice, loans, pensions, tax, investments and savings. All a relative minefield for todays average person looking to secure the future for themselves and their offspring. But this is clearly no new predicament.

Honey, Im pregnant - again - for the eigth time! Not the sort of welcome home many men wish to hear these days but imagine going back a few thousand years to that homecoming. Fine dear, let me count the spare camel, sheep, chickens bags of grain, limbs etc. I can swap for a bigger property!

Man has, since the beginning of time, found ways of dealing for profit and gain long before money was invented. From grain, tools and tobacco through to Cowrie shells from the Indian Ocean which were still used until recent times. Even today, within the households of the mind blowingly rich around the world, gold bullion is preferred as a tangible commodity.

The royal palaces and temples of ancient Mesopotamia may well have had no idea just what they were starting when they initially provided secure places for the safe keeping of commodities such as grain. But they did modern day man a huge favour with the Code of Hammurabi - the first official laws regulating banking operations.

Long gone are the days of hauling around shed loads of grain to buy a house with. For the average person in need of protection from loan sharks gold bullion is not a realistic option and neither is hiding your hard earned savings under the mattress. Hence, the fast growing popularisation of electronic banking.

With all our assets tied up in banks and building societies can we always be sure of getting the most from our money? After all, they are all money making organisations out for their own interests ahead of the consumers. This is where mortgage advisors and mortgage brokers come into their own.

Recent years saw a huge upsurge in people wanting to jump on the investment bandwagon of buying to let. Probably fuelled by a trend in TV programmes relating to property renovation and making people feel this get rich quick scheme was accessible to even the most inexperienced developer.

Banks have cashed in on this trend with a push of their mortgages for buy to let schemes. However, according to the Council for Mortgage Lenders, UK house repossessions for 2006 totalled 17,000 - a massive 65% increase on the previous year. So, are individual banks doing whats right for the consumer?

A wise decision for any prospective purchaser or investor is an independent mortgage advisor. Regulated to protect the consumer, they are able to advice on a much broader range of products that can be tailored to the individual. Although still working for a commission (no grain!), they are not obliged to draw customers to one organisation or another.

Mortgage advisors are there to find you the very best deals in mortgages - whether it be investment, endowment, pension or repayment. They can advice on overpayment, underpayment, payment holidays, variable rates, fixed, discounted tracker and capped rates.

All financial concerns can be discussed with your personal mortgage advisor, including the buy to let mortgage, for everyone from the commercial developer to the first time buyer, from self build project managers to those looking to re-mortgage or buy a second home. They can even advice on the raising of finance for house boats, mobile homes or the more unusual property.

Your mortgage advisor will be able to help deal with problems such as CCJ's, bankruptcy and repossessions to get you back on that property ladder as well as imparting his vast financial advice of insurances, pensions, savings taxes and will writing.

So, with that next child on the way, a retirement looming or an unexpected accident or illness there is no need to panic, or round up the wildlife, just get advice from a mortgage broker.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

How To Pre-Qualify For An FHA Home Loan

FHA home loans are mortgages that are insured by the United States government, more particularly the Federal Housing Administration. FHA in itself does not make the loans. What they do is that they insure the loans that were in turn, given out by their qualified group of commercial lenders.

With the introduction of the FHA home loan, a lot of low-income Americans were able to secure a loan to purchase their homes. FHA home loans are conceptualized in 1930's during the time of the Great Depression. The government acted to subsidize loaning programs through FHA in response to the growing rate of defaults and foreclosures.

The good news is that FHA is for every American. But they have to follow the set guidelines in applying for it. To know if you qualify for an FHA home loan, here is a checklist that you can use. See for yourself if you can take advantage of FHA's easy mortgage loan plans.

1. First and foremost, you should have a steady employment history. By this, you should be able to prove to the agency that you have at least two years of service with your current employer. Stability of job and income is the main factor. That's the primary requirement of FHA.

2. You should have an increasing income, or at least, a consistent one. So that FHA can correctly assess your capability to pay, you should show them that in your current job, you are earning a fixed amount. And if in case it is not the case, your income should follow a steady rising pattern, not a fluctuating one.

3. You should be able to boast about your credit history. Your credit report definitely says a lot about your financial status. It is FHA's requirement that all their applicants are in good credit standing. And not only that, they also require that there is not a single payment over due for more than a month within the last two years in their credit reports.

4. You should also show that you've got no history of bankruptcy. Or even if you had, it should be at least two years before. You should also show and that you already had regained financial stability for the past two years. You should be in a good credit standing for two consecutive years.

5. Your foreclosures, if any, should be three years old at the very least. This one follows the same principle as the bankruptcy rule stated above. It is a must that for the past three years, what you have is a good credit standing.

6. You can only apply for a loan that is 30% of your total monthly income. If you have everything else worked out, remember this last important detail: FHA will approve you a loan corresponding to your gross income. So, do not apply for one that exceeds 30%. Your application will just be denied. Look and settle for a house that is just within the set limits.

These are the different points to consider when applying for an FHA loan. You should qualify in the every step stated here. These are the exact guidelines that FHA is currently following.

But you have to know that pre-qualifying for the loan is just the first step. It is not a guarantee of anything. All it means is that FHA will merit a review of your application and proceed from there. Your dream of buying the perfect house is still in the cooking stages, so to speak.

Pre-qualification is the first step to getting a loan, though. Needless to say, it is an important step altogether. If you don't pass the pre-qualification stage, there is no way that you will be able to purchase the house that you always wanted, at least not through FHA.

What the pre-qualification step really does is that it assesses your income, your assets, and your ability to pay. After which, you are to show it to the lender waiting on the wings. Then they further study your case. You'll get the loan once they see that you are indeed, financially stable.

With all these said, go ahead and start evaluating yourself for an FHA home loan. Take advantage of what they are offering today. This is your chance to own the house of your dreams. Take it while it is still there.

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